Pressure Washers

Electric Motor, Gas or Diesel, and 12-Volt Motor Driven

Available in hot or cold water options, Dultmeier's selection of pressure washers consists of three main categories: Electric Motor Driven, Gas or Diesel Engine Driven, and 12-Volt Motor Driven.

All pressure washers are generally sold with trigger wands, hoses, pressure regulators, chemical injectors and all components necessary for operation.

Electric Motor Driven pressure washers are typically "stationary" units and most commonly operate with pressures of one to five thousand PSI and two to ten GPM, but higher pressures and GPM are available. Hot Model Units can operate at temperatures up to 200° F.

Gas or Diesel Engine Driven pressure washers are typically "portable" units and as such are usually available on wheeled carts, trailer units or skids. Gasoline driven units typically operate from 3 - 23 HP and 3 - 8 GPM. Diesel driven units see 25+ HP and 8 - 20 GPM. Both types of unit operate at 1000 to 5000 PSI on average.

12-Volt Motor Driven pressure washers are generally used in conjunction with vehicle batteries. Due to the amperage requirements on 12-volt motors, low flows and pressures around 3 - 5 GPM at 150 - 250 PSI and 1-2 GPM at 500 - 700 PSI are most common.