Butterfly Valves

Wafer & Lug Style Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves are available in two general types, Wafer and Lug Style, and are manually, pneumatically, or electronically actuated. Dultmeier primarily stocks manually or pneumatically actuated valves, but electric actuation is still available.

Wafer-Style butterfly valves have "thru" bolt holes along the outside rim of both pipe flanges. Lug-Style butterfly valves have threaded bolt holes on both sides of the body, allowing for "end of line" applications.

In regards to actuation, as stated above, there are several types. Manual and pneumatic actuation is achieved with either spring return or double acting actuators. A double acting actuator requires air pressure to open and close the valve, while a spring actuator closes (or opens) in the event of air pressure loss, leading to usage in fail-safe applications.

While they are a non-stock item, Electric Actuators are still available. Electric actuators are primarily used for reliable, economical remote activation.

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