Chemical Dispensing Systems

Chemical Mixing Stations and Chemical Dispensing Systems

From Hydro Systems, Chemical Dispensing Systems and Chemical Mixing Stations. HR918 dilutes, dispenses and rinses with the twist of a handle. Stainless Steel and Brass construction. Available in one product (clean & rinse) or two products (clean, sanitize & rinse). Two product unit can easily be set for two different dilution rates. HR871 allows one chemical to be dispensed at 4 different concentration levels. HR874 and 875 allow up to four different chemicals to be dispensed from one system.

Hydro's AccuMax Chemical Mixing Stations provide an economical way to dilute concentrated chemicals at the push of a button. Multiple chemicals can be mixed at different ratios. Disinfectants, window cleaners, deodorizers, floor cleaning products and many others can be mixed at the ratios that are right for your operation. All models work with ordinary water pressure. No electricity, batteries, pumps or air pressure is required.