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Vertical Sealless Pumps

Scot Pumps' Vertical Sealless Pumps are most commonly used in the parts washing industry. These pumps are typically found on a variety of parts washers. The wet end of the pump is submerged in aqueous-based or solvent-based solution. An aqueous-based parts washer acts much like a large dish washer. This style uses water combined with detergent and heat to produce the cleaning action. Solvent-based parts washers use several gallons of solvent to help erode and break down the dirt and debris off the parts. As of the early 1990s there has been a large shift towards aqueous-based parts washers widely due to environmental safety hazards that are inevitably associated with solvent-based systems.

The parts are enclosed in the washer and automatically cleaned. Once the cycle duration has been selected the parts cavity is flooded with the water-based solution and a heating cycle helps to blast away debris as the turntable rotates. Most systems will have a wash, rinse, and dry cycle – very similar to a dish washer. Once the cycle is complete, the door is opened to the parts washer and the parts can be removed.

The Scot Pump name is synonymous with longevity and quality products – and has been associated with the parts washing industry for many years. Whether you're looking for a replacement to a current OEM option or wanting to outfit your own parts washer – you can't go wrong with a Scot Pump. Scot Pumps can be found on washers such as Aladdin, Karcher, and many others. All pumps can be coated in a special coting for added wear resistance and greater chemical compatibility. This coating technique is called Scotchkote®. This process elongates the lead time of any pump so make sure to call for pricing and expected delivery estimates.