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Cat Pumps has been a leading manufacturer of triplex high pressure pumps for over 50 years. Since the founding of Cat Pumps in 1968, Cat has consistently manufactured long-lasting, dependable high pressure triplex pumps. Cat Pumps reciprocating triplex pumps are well known because of this dedication to high quality equipment.

Cat Pumps reciprocating triplex pumps were innovative from the very beginning. Cat Pumps piston pumps featured a patented sleeved-piston rod, which allowed for servicing from the wet-end of piston pumps, and a UNIFLOW design concept, which offers smooth liquid flow and increased suction capabilities.

Cat Pumps dedication to lasting products has led to adjustments in materials and designs, such as their spring reinforced seal design that more than doubles the life of the seal. In addition, parts like solid ceramic plungers and oversized bearings further increase the durability of any Cat pump. More importantly, just like any other pump or product, the materials used in a pump are very important as well. Cat pumps have taken advantage of advancements in materials, adapting to use materials like brass, duplex alloy and stainless steel.

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Cat Pumps® triplex reciprocating piston and plunger pumps are used in a wide variety of cleaning and wash applications, including self serve car wash and pressure washing. Cat Pumps® are noted for their long, trouble free service, smooth, quiet operation and easy maintenance.

Dultmeier Sales carries a complete line of CAT PUMPS® triplex piston & plunger pumps and CAT PUMPS® parts, including the 310, 270, 290, 820, 2SF, 5CP, 3DX, 340, 623, 3CP models and more. Dultmeier Sales also stocks pressure washers with CAT PUMPS®, pulsation dampeners, CAT PUMPS® pump oil, pop-off valves, 12-volt clutches, direct drive pump and motor units, gear reduction plunger pumps, accessories and genuine CAT PUMPS® parts and kits.

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Below is a listing of some of our CAT PUMPS® products: for product details and to order, view our CAT PUMPS® Product Catalog.

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