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    Red Dragon/Flame Engineering Squeeze Valve Assembly

    -Wednesday, 18 August 2021

    Red Dragon/Flame Engineering Squeeze Valve Assembly | Video


    A brief video demonstration by Flame Engineering on how to assemble a squeeze valve and how to attach it to a propane tank. Unless specified, most torch kits or backpack torch kits come standard with a needle valve, which must be removed. This is also covered in the video.


    Flame Engineering / Red Dragon Torch Kits have a large variety of uses, such as burning weeds, thawing frozen pipes, sterilizing animal cages, melting snow and ice and even lighting up the grill! Red Dragon Torch Kits are a more environmentally sound way of killing weeds, as they use Propane, an eco-friendly gas that alone does no damage to water or soil, whereas conventional weed killers such as glyphosate can reduce growth or otherwise damage plants. In addition, weed killers often spread out and move in the environment, but the directed nature of the torch kit prevents that.

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