Vertiflo Pump Company Inc

Vertiflo Cast Iron / 316SS Centrifugal Pumps & Centrifugal Pump / Motor Units

Vertiflo Pump Company Inc is a recognised manufacturer of dependable pumps for the pump industry. Vertiflo centrifugal pumps are heavy duty cast iron or 316SS constructed. The vertiflo 1300 & 1400 series centrifugal pumps are great for a wide variety of applications, including fertilizer, chemicals, corrosive chemicals, water, wastewater and de-icing liquids and more. The double seal feature on Vertiflo 1400 cast iron centrifugal pumps provide extra protection and can be used in run dry applications. A choice of either a pressurized seal barrier fluid reservoir or Lubesite grease lubricator is available when purchasing a Vertiflo 1424 centrifugal pump or pump / motor unit. Both 1300 & 1400 series Vertiflo pumps are designed with a pull out back for easier maintenance and a semi-open impeller that can pass up to 1-3/16" solids.

Dultmeier Sales carries the 1424 & 1312 series Vertiflo centrifugal pumps. The 1424 series Vertiflo centrifugal pump is also available on a double pressurized seal unit and a double grease lube seal unit. For product details and to order, view our Vertiflo Pump Catalog.

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