Blue Magic Car Products

Blue Magic Metal Polish, Blue Magic Headlight Lens Restorer, Blue Magic Lens Sealer, Rain Vision, Blue Magic Leather Cleaner, Black Jack Tire Shine

BLUE MAGIC offers a wide range of car polishes and cleaners for inside and out including the Blue Magic Metal Polish Removes rust, Cleans, shines and polishes chrome, aluminum or mag wheels as well as many other metal products. Blue Magic Lens Restorer and Lens Sealer Vend Packs are also available to remove yellow headlight stains and keep headlight lens protected looking clear and bright. Other products include Blue Magic Black Jack Tire Shine, Just for Leather Cleaner and Rain Vision are all major brands of the Blue Magic product line.

Dultmeier Sales carries a complete line of Blue Magic cleaners and polishes.

Below is a listing of Blue Magic products carried by Dultmeier Sales. For product details and to order, view our Blue Magic Product Catalog.

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