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Dura Products DEF & Ag Chemical Pump Systems

Dura Products is a manufacturer of pumping systems, dispensing systems & metering systems. Dura produces pump & pump systems for both Ag chemical and DEF applications. The Dura products line is innovative in design and technology with the introduction of the Dura-Meter™ in 2011 and the Dura-Pump™ in 2012. Easy-Caddy & Top Unload pumping systems from Dura Products come with the Dura-Pump™, Hose, Nozzle & fittings and the option to add the Dura-Meter™.

Dultmeier Sales carries both Ag products and DEF products from Dura. Our DEF line includes; The Dura-Meter™ for Diesel Exhaust Fluid and the DEF Easy-Caddy pump systems. The Ag product line includes the Dura-Meter™ chemical flow meter, the Easy-Caddy / Quick-Caddy Pump Systems and top unload systems. Also available are Speciality Systems produced by Dura Product such as the N-Serve Easy Caddy Systems for NH3 Applications, the MTS Top Mount Systems & the 12V or 115V Auto Batch Systems.

Below is a complete listing of the Dura Products carried by Dultmeier Sales. For product details and to order, view our Dura Products Catalog.

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