Falk Orange Peel Coupling Guards

Polyethylene Coupling Guards


"Orange Peel" Coupling Guards from Rexnord's Falk Division are OSHA, ANSI and ASME approved and provide the optimum in safety for your plant. When installed properly, all gaps are less than 0.25" to meet the OSHA standards for rotating equipment guards. Falk Orange Peel guards are also economical and easy to install. They are made from high impact Polyethylene in a solid safety orange color and include stainless hardware; they do not dent, rust and never need painted.

Falk Orange Peel MCG Series Coupling Guards are top hinged and "peel" open for quick and easy access couplings for inspection and maintenance. Orange Peel CCG, SCG & CFCG Series Guards are bottom hinged and open down. Falk Orange Peel Coupling Guards eliminate the need for expensive custom designed and manufactured guards. Simply "trim and fit" them in 3 easy steps; usually takes an hour or less. Falk Orange Peel MCG coupling Guards won the Plant Engineering New Product gold Award in 2002.

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