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Red Dragon Torch Kits, Backpack Torch Kits, Needle/Switch Valve

Flame Engineering's Red Dragon Torch Kits and Backpack Torch Kits provide a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to conventional weed killers while also offering a variety of other functions. While some crops have already been genetically altered to be resistant to herbicides such as glyphosate, others are not, and nearby environments can be damaged as well. Additionally, some strains of weed are becoming resistant to common herbicides, as shown in this article. Instead of using potentially harmful chemicals, Red Dragon torch kits use propane, an eco-friendly gas that does no damage to the soil or crops. Flame weeding works by destroying cell structure in plants, NOT turning the weed to ash. In general, weeds only require a second or two of flame, or a brief pass at the speed of a slow walk. Typically, one application is required for smaller weeds, but several may be required for large weeds. It will take a day or two to see results.

Flame weeding isn't the only use for a torch, however. Other uses include thawing frozen pipes, melting snow or ice, sterilizing animal pens or cages, heating roofing pots and kettles, and burning brush piles or debris. Using a torch is much safer than using petrol to light brush piles, and can be more efficient. Red Dragon torch kits can be the perfect tool for farm & ranch work, construction, grounds maintenance, road crews and industry.

All "kits" include torch, 5' or 10' hose, POL tank fitting, needle or squeeze valve for flame control, spark lighter and thread sealant. Some kits include gas regulators as needed.

Dultmeier Sales offers a complete line of Flame Engineering Red Dragon Torch Kits and parts. Below is a listing of some of the Flame Engineering products carried by Dultmeier Sales. For product details and to order, view our Flame Engineering Product Catalog.

Flame Engineering's best advice on product use is "if in doubt, don't." Please keep in mind that this is a very hot, directed flame that will set nearby debris, crops, plants etc. alight. Always allow a safe distance between weeds and other, more desirable plants. Flame Engineering has a flame weeding guide here, which outlines more safety tips and general usage tips for your torch kit. In addition, depending on where the torch kit is being used, and for what application, other laws and rules must be followed. The Rural Fire Service has a helpful PDF (found here) on procedures you should take before burning brush piles or lighting large fires.

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