Kay Tank | Steel

Kay Tank has been manufacturing steel tanks since 1964 for a variety of industries including petroleum, agricultural, bird seed/feed manufacturing, asphalt, auto shops, used oil, and bio-grease manufacturing. Kay Tank has been UL 142 certified since the 1970s to manufacture single and double wall tanks for above ground storage of flammable liquids. If you are looking for a storage option in above ground single or double wall, horizontal or vertical, flat bottom or cone bottom tanks for liquids stored at atmospheric pressure - Kay Tank is your manufacturer and Dultmeier Sales is your supplier.

Kay Tanks undergo a rigorous inspection process to ensure they turn out only top-notch quality:
  • Incoming steel checked for quality and certified from Mill
  • Prints are checked (on standard and custom builds)
  • Metal is measured, squared and rolled on precision equipment
  • Heads and flanges are pre-made
  • Offset or Butt seam on tanks with more than 1 cylinder
  • Fit and assembled on the horizontal assembly rolls
  • Double weld seams on large fertilizer tanks
  • Tanks are pressurize and welds are checked twice for leaks
  • Seams are sandblasted
  • Tank is primed and painted with high quality acrylic enamel
  • Tank scheduled for delivery and carefully loaded on Kay Tank owned, specialized trailers
Kay Tank

Please, call us at 1-800-228-9666 for pricing or further information.