Keystone Valves

Keystone Butterfly Valves, Keystone Air Actuators, Keystone Electric Actuators

Dultmeier Sales offers the complete line of Keystone Butterfly Valves, Keystone Air Actuators (pneumatic), Keystone Electric Actuators, Positioners and other control accessories for total flow control solutions. KEYSTONE VALVES has a comprehensive range of valves to suit many industrial applications. Keystone Valves can be combined with Keystone air actuators and Keystone Electric Actuators, positioners and accessories, to create complete flow control packages.

Keystone Air Actuators (pneumatic) include both double acting and spring return actuators, with or without manual overrides. Keystone Electric Actuators are available in a variety of voltages and speed ranges, including a variety of Keystone positioners.

Other Keystone Butterfly Valves we can provide include: Keystone Fig. AR1/AR2 Butterfly Valves (replaceable seats), Keystone Fig. 920 Lug Style Two-Piece Butterfly Valves (replaceable seats), Keystone Fig. 129/139 Butterfly Valves (Naval & Marine MIL SPEC V-22 133C), Keystone Fig. 360/362 & 370/372 K-LOK High Performance Butterfly Valves (150 & 300 PSI; Fire-Safe Option for Temperatures to 1000 degrees F.) and many more models!

Dultmeier Sales also offers a complete line of Keystone butterfly valve accessories, Keystone Valve Repair and Replacement Parts. Below is a listing of some of the Keystone products carried by Dultmeier Sales. For product details and to order, view our Keystone Valve Product Catalog.

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