Micro-Trak Systems

Micro-Trak Sprayer Controllers, Micro-Trak Spray Monitors

Micro-Trak Systems is a provider of electronic monitoring and control equipment for the farming, turf and highway maintenance industries.

Micro-Trak's product line includes speed & area monitors such as Calc-An-Acre II™ for electronic monitoring of speed, area worked, distance & shaft RPM as well as automatic rate controllers (SprayMate II™) for simple, precision rate control for liquid chemicals & fertilizer. Micro-Trak also manufactures application monitors (Flow-Trak™ II), GPS speed sensors (Astro II™ Series) & sprayer control accessories.

Dultmeier Sales offers a complete line of Micro-Trak sprayer monitors, sprayer controls & accessories. Below is a listing of some of the Micro-Trak products offered by Dultmeier Sales. For product details and to order, view our Micro-Trak Product Catalog.

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