Oberdorfer Pumps & Pump Parts

Oberdorfer Chemsteel® Pumps, Bronze, Cast Iron & Stainless Gear Pumps, Oberdorfer Progressive Cavity Pumps

OBERDORFER PUMPS manufactures pumps for agricultural, marine, industrial and chemical processing applications. The pumps are made in aluminum, bronze, cast iron, stainless steel, Hastelloy C and plastic. Oberdorfer pump varieties include centrifugal, rotary gear pumps, roller pumps, rubber impeller pumps and progressive cavity types. Oberdorfer also specializes in the design and manufacture of custom OEM pumps. Oberdorfer pumps are used for transfer, recirculation and processing of various chemicals; lubrication oils, water and other fluids. Oberdorfer Pumps' operations are fully equipped with the latest in manufacturing and engineering technology to enable production of quality pumps and components at competitive prices with extremely short lead times.

Dultmeier Sales carries a complete line of Oberdorfer pumps, accessories & Oberdorfer pump parts. Below is a listing of some of the Oberdorfer Pump products carried by Dultmeier Sales. For product details and to order, view our Oberdorfer Pump Product Catalog.

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