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Precision Tank has been manufacturing tanks since 1965 and their headquarters location is in Virginia, Illinois. They have three additional plants throughout the Midwest – Athens, Illinois; Ligonier, Indiana; and Humbolt, Iowa. Dultmeier Sales is able to offer a wide variety of tank options through Precision Tank. That includes stainless steel nurse tanks, stainless steel vertical cone tanks, stainless steel double conical nurse tanks, N-Serve specified tanks, as well as, large bulk storage steel or fiberglass tanks. Over the past 20 years fiberglass tanks have become increasingly popular and below are some of the reasons why:

Precision Tank manufacturers their fiberglass tanks with a combination of tools that creates a helical weave pattern that is unique to only Precision Tank. This creates a weave that allows them to reinforce the integrity of their tank and manufacturer a tank that is one of the strongest on the market. Furthermore, this process allows Precision Tank to offer a warranty that is roughly three times longer than some of their competitors.

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