ShieldAg Equipment

Fertilizer Application Systems

Shield Ag Equipment has operated out of their Hutchinson, KS facility for over 50 years. They have committed themselves to designing, manufacturing and distributing innovative products since their inception. The ShieldAG name is synonymous with quality and ruggedness.

From the toolbar to the soil, ShieldAG manufactures fertilizer application products to get the job done well. From fertilizer knives, complete row units, plow shanks, and clamps all the way to the Acra-Plant line - no matter what you're doing in the field - make the ShieldAG name a part of your operation. Acra-Plant expands the ShieldAG product offering into no-till and minimum-till environments.

When you think steel - think ShieldAG. Chromium Carbide is an additive that strengthens the steel. ShieldAG can proudly say that all of their implement products contain 26% chromium carbide - most of the competition cannot make that claim. So, if you want to reduce replacement costs and down-time - make sure your outfit is running on ShieldAG products. Bottom line, their products last longer so you can run harder.

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