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Wilger Sprayer Flow Monitors, Wilger Combo-Rate Nozzle Body Systems

WILGER Industries specializes in the design and manufacturing of sprayer parts/components that make spray applications safer, easier and more effective. Wilger's products include sprayer flow monitors and "Combo-Rate" nozzle body systems.

Wilger offers products that are used in the liquid fertilizer and agricultural spraying markets. From flow monitors to spray tips you can find just about all that you need to outfit your sprayer booms with the Wilger name on it. Their innovative double orifice spray tips have set the bar high for pulse-width modulation (PWM) spraying applications.

In North America, Wilger is split into two separate companies. Wilger Industries Ltd. is located in Saskatoon, SK, Canada, while Wilger Inc. is located in Lexington, TN. The Wilger name has become widely known in the spraying industry over the last couple of decades. One can bet if it's a red sprayer out there in a field - it's running with Wilger components.

A glance is all it takes to know that the correct amount of liquid is flowing to your spray nozzles or outlets with Wilger flow monitors. The modular design of these flow monitors allows assembly of individual columns and fittings to build a system tailored specifically to meet your requirements. The components are easy to assemble and service, have a wide flow range indicating capability (0.03 - 0.7 USGPM) and are interchangeable with other brands.

Wilger Combo-Rate nozzle body systems allow spraying with more than one tip at the same location to optimize coverage & drift control. This means changing nozzles less often and gives the user the option to combine flow rates from multiple nozzles. The Combo-Rate II series features a universal saddle mount that can be utilized for both new and retrofit applications.

Dultmeier Sales carries products from Wilger including Nozzle Body and Flow Monitor Products. Below is a listing of some of the Wilger products offered by Dultmeier Sales.

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