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Dultmeier Historical

Dultmeier Sales, LLC had its origins in Manning, Iowa, when one Frank Dultmeier, a blacksmith and a wagon maker with a creative streak came up with the idea to make an adjustable Tongue Hound that would allow a wagon tongue to be attached to all wagon types. Frank produced and distributed a fabricated product line among the blacksmiths and farm implement dealers in Western Iowa.

Frank's brothers, Henry & Clem, joined the business in 1915 and Dultmeier Manufacturing Company was incorporated in 1919.

"Our greatest ambition was to produce a train car load of adjustable Tongue Hounds and this was accomplished in 1918 by working a night shift. The order went to the Hudson Company in Minneapolis, MN"

While Henry provided some capital for the growing business, the additional needed capital was provided by individual officers of Manning Trust & Savings Bank. Later, the need for operating capital required the facilities of the bank itself as well as the services of management.

Dultmeier Sales Co. on 10th & Farnam (Omaha)

Dultmeier Sales Co.
10th & Farnam (Omaha)

Management from the bank was performed by A.A. Danielson, and shortly after his appearance on the scene, around 1921, the following purchased the interests of Dultmeier Mfg. from Frank: C.T. Dietz, Herman P. Hansen, A.A. Danielson, R.H Wheeler, George Kettman, John Ferneding, Fred Boock, and Frank Ferneding.

1921: The young company almost expired when the market price of steel and many other raw materials used in manufacture collapsed, due to Post WWI economic problems. Somehow the company managed to pull through.

1923: John R. Hansen joined the company as a traveling salesman across Nebraska. John went on to become a widely known political figure and a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1964-1966 and afterwards became a member of the Iowa Highway Commission.

1932: The effects of the Great Depression forced the reorganization of Dultmeier Manufacturing Co. They were broke.

1934: J.R. Hansen, Peter F. Hansen, Ted D. Hansen, Walter F. Hansen incorporated Dultmeier Sales Co., 1007 Farnam Street in Omaha, Nebraska with the intent to operate a distribution firm on selected lines as well as to provide proper availability in the market of the products of Dultmeier Manufacturing Co. They had less than $1000 between them as the starting risk capital. Later, Dultmeier Mfg. Co. joined them and took 49% of the capital stock as the new firm grew. Operating management and the sales force at Omaha consisted of Walt F. Hansen and Herman P. Hansen.

1937: A new branch of Dultmeier Manufacturing Co. was opened in Des Moines, Iowa. This was closed out shortly after WWII began because operating personnel were drafted.

1941: The first Dultmeier catalog was produced and included a variety of items including, but not limited to: Hay Racks, Wagon Boxes, Shoveling Boards, Harrow Bars and Sweep Rake Teeth.

1945: Dultmeier Sales Co. (Omaha) was making good progress and moved to 1124 Farnam Street in order to expand their market. They stayed there until the building was destroyed in 1975 to make room for what is now the Gene Leahy mall in Downtown Omaha.

1952: Following the start of the Korean War, Dultmeier Iowa was closed down and inventory transferred to the larger facilities in Omaha.

1983: The Car Wash division was started with the first catalog coming out in September of that year.

Old Dultmeier building getting the wrecking ball!

Wrecking ball smashing old Dultmeier building,
13th & Farnam St. Omaha (now Gene Leahy Mall)

1984: Dultmeier opened a new branch in Davenport, Iowa, to provide quicker shipment times to a larger area.

Today, Dultmeier Sales LLC continues to be a family business with a family atmosphere. As a wholesale stocking distributor representing over 400 manufacturers, we serve worldwide markets in Agriculture, High Pressure Cleaning, Liquid Deicing and specialized Industry.

We have technical sales personnel and an engineering department to assist you with all of your technical questions. Please call us today at 1-888-677-5054!

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