Pet Wash

"No More Fighting Fido In Your Tub"

by Dwayne McClellan, The Salem Newsby Dwayne McClellan | The Salem News

Dent County residents Tammy Quick and Debra Emory-Champlain are praising Scott Radford's pet wash. "I told him I'd be back quite often," Quick said. "It's one of the most exciting things to happen in Salem for some time," said Emory-Champlain.

Radford opened his pet wash about two weeks ago in an expanded car-wash facility on Highway 32-72 East next to Breaktime. Business has really picked up in the last week, he said. The new enclosed portion of the business offers dog owners an opportunity to bring in dogs (cats are also welcome) and give them a bath. The bath includes a shampoo, rinse, cream rinse conditioner, odor control and a heated blow dryer.

Emory-Champlain took advantage of the good weather Monday to give her dog, Jo-Jo, a bath. Jo-Jo shivered a bit at first, then calmed down and didn't mind. Emory-Champlain said Jo-Jo enjoys the baths and the blow dryer. It's a good way to keep care of her dog. "The water pressure is not too hard, it's just right," she said. "Jo-Jo just loves it. The blow dryer is not too hot, but the right temperature." Radford said he keeps the inside temperature at 70 degrees.

A pet wash costs a minimum of $5, although some baths may cost more depending on the size of the dog or cat. Right now, the wash is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There is a ramp for the animal to walk up on it, or the owner can place the pet in the tub. For smaller animals it will take just about 5 minutes. Larger animals require a little longer. There is also an area to fasten the leash on while the owner is giving their animal its bath. The operation also features a tub disinfectant cleaning solution, and Radford does clean it often.

"About the only thing I'm asking is that animals be kept on a leash," Radford said. "I plan on keeping it open around the clock unless something happens."

It wasn't long after Radford started making plans to demolish the old car wash and build a new, larger facility that he decided to put in a pet wash. Radford said that when he was rebuilding the car wash, he attended a seminar on new equipment, and how larger bays can be helpful. Just about everyone was talking about adding pet washes to their businesses.

"Pet washes are about the biggest thing for all new car washes, and many are even taking their least productive bays and turning them into pet washes," Radford said.

Quick said the convenience of having nearby pet wash is the reason for their popularity, especially for larger dogs like her Australian Shepard and Chocolate Lab. "Convenience is definitely a big reason," Quick said. "I just don't think too many large dogs fit in a person's bath tub very well."

by Dwayne McClellan, The Salem Newsby Dwayne McClellan | The Salem News

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