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    Pre-Shaft Alignment How-To

    -Sunday, 07 January 2024

    Pre-Shaft Alignment How-To


    This video is a four-step how-to video detailing several pre-alignment steps designed to remove any unwanted movement during the alignment process. The video covers rough alignment, elimination of soft foot, and tightening of any bolts.


    Shaft alignment is a critical process when any driver is coupled to a pump. Any misalignment between the two shafts will almost certainly cause excessive wear and premature breakdown of the machinery. This can also damage mechanical bearings or seals. Shaft misalignment can occur in one of two ways, parallel or angular. With parallel misalignment, the shaft is either aligned correctly vertically but not horizontally, or correctly horizontally but not vertically. With angular misalignment, the shafts are offset at an angle.

    Soft foot is one of the most common causes of shaft misalignment. Soft foot is a term used to describe non-uniform contact made between the foot of a machine and what the machine is resting on. Much like above, soft foot can be split into two types, angular or parallel. Angular soft foot makes contact with the foundation of the machine, but not uniform contact. The foot rests at an angle away from the foundation. With parallel soft foot, generally no part of the foot rests on the foundation.

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