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  Part No. Description Mfg. Price Qty. Status Pkg. Discount
CE102909 Motor, 1/2 HP, Shaft Dia. 5/8", Volts 115/208-230, Full Load Amps @ 230V 4.4, Frame S56 Leeson Electric Motors 199.00 In Stock
CE120923 Motor, General Purpose, 2 HP, 1800 RPM, 208/230/460 Volts, Full Load Amps @ 230V=5.8, Frame No. 145T Leeson Electric Motors 399.00 In Stock
CE131631 C-Face Motor, 3 HP, 1 Phase, 1800 RPM, 115/208-230, Full Load Amps @230V=16.8, 184TC Leeson Electric Motors 798.00 In Stock
CE121519 Motor, High Speed, 2 HP, 3600 RPM, 3 Phase, 7/8" Shaft, Frame No. 145T, 208-230/460 Volts, Full Load Amps @ 230V=5.2 Leeson Electric Motors 439.00 In Stock
DUXG2-14-25S Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter: 14 Gauge, 15 Amp, 25' Long 65.95 In Stock
HY1543A-SP Self Priming Centrifugal Pump Unit, 3" Aluminum with 6.5 HP PowerPro Engine Hypro Pumps 250.00 In Stock
GA3200R-1/4 Duroflex Hose, 1/4" ID, Hose O.D. 0.50" Gates Rubber 0.70 In Stock 20% on 500
TWS1440045 Nozzle, Stainless/Ceramic, 5,000 PSI Max, 40° Pattern, 045 Orifice 8.95 In Stock
TW3E25 Plastic Spray Nozzle, 03 Orifice, 25° Pattern, Gray Lurmark 1.79 In Stock 10% on 50
TW5E25 Plastic Spray Nozzle, 05 Orifice, 25° Pattern, Gray Lurmark 1.79 In Stock 10% on 50
TW6E25 Plastic Spray Nozzle, 06 Orifice, 25° Pattern, Gray Lurmark 1.79 In Stock 10% on 50
TW8E80 Plastic Spray Nozzle, 08 Orifice, 80° Pattern, Gray Lurmark 1.79 In Stock 10% on 50
TW15E65 Plastic Spray Nozzle, 15 Orifice, 65° Pattern, Gray Lurmark 1.79 In Stock 10% on 50
HBBAL-0175 Replacement Ballast for Metal Halide Light Fixtures, 175 Watt Rating 49.00 In Stock
HBBAL-400 Replacement Ballast for Metal Halide Light Fixtures, 400 Watt Rating 59.00 In Stock
HY107185 Nozzle Pack for Wash World Undercarriage, 11 Nozzles Hypro 32.95 In Stock
LCBL38 Chamois Wringer, Clamp Style, Powder-Coated Black Finish 139.00 In Stock
AJ30110 Seal Kit for 508 Pump Arimitsu Pumps 59.00 In Stock
LO457 Handheld Chemical Sprayer, 3 Gallon Poly Solo Sprayers 48.00 In Stock
DN707 Flexible Spout Oiler, 8" Spout Length, 12 oz. Capacity Dutton Lainson 12.45 In Stock
ND12215 Carwash Sign, "TROUBLE? This Equipment is Usually Trouble Free, if You Lose Money...", 12" x 12", Lexan Coated 15.95 In Stock
ND12229 Carwash Bay Sign, Instructions for "SPOT FREE RINSE...", 12" x 12", Lexan Coated 15.95 In Stock
ND12226 Carwash Bay Sign, "SORRY THIS BAY CLOSED", 12" x 12", Lexan Coated 15.95 In Stock
ND311 Carwash Bay Sign, "STOP EXIT ONLY", Red/White, Aluminum, 23-1/2" x 15-1/2" 31.95 In Stock
TKVSMT202MRA **Ball Valve for Intermediate Bulk Container, Polypropylene, 2" Male NPT x V20283 Metal Collar, 1-1/2" Flow Banjo Valves 35.70 In Stock 5% on 24
WS4962 Foot Valve, Cast Iron with Cast Iron Inlet, 1-1/4" Female NPT, 4-1/8" Height Flomatic Valves 133.00 In Stock
BP2502 Gate Valve, Celcon, 3/4" FPT Ports, 20 Standard Package 22.00 In Stock 10% on 20
BP2503 Gate Valve, Celcon, 1" FPT Ports, 16 Standard Package 29.25 In Stock 10% on 16
SXSP35ACT Handheld Sprayer for Acetone / Alcohol, 3.5 Gallon Capacity Sprayers Plus 85.00 In Stock
TTTP30R Manhole Hook, Rotated Handle 31.00 In Stock
CRT43 Anaerobic Threadlocker/Sealer, Medium Strength, 50ml (1.7oz) Bottle Saf-T-Lok 29.85 In Stock
CRT62 Anaerobic Threadlocker/Sealer, Permanent, 50ml (1.7oz) Bottle Saf-T-Lok 29.85 In Stock
CRDG-5 Di-Electric Grease, 5.3oz Tube Saf-T-Lok 13.50 In Stock
BKZ900060 Crown Nozzle Vacuum Fitting, 6" Male Bandlock / Amesbury 68.50 In Stock
HY1700N Roller Pump, 5 Rollers, Ni-Resist Pump, Less PTO Coupler Hypro Pumps 409.00 In Stock
YM2571-167 17" Ripple Blade Yetter MFG 50.00 In Stock
TSRT4000OV Wheel Cleaner, 4 Oz. Bottle, 24 per Case Simoniz 29.95 In Stock
GQ45115 Bug and Tar Sponge, 6-1/2" x 3-1/4" x 1-1/2" thick 2.50 In Stock 5% on 12
GQ92043 Tire Dressing Applicator, Contour, 6-1/2" x 2-3/4" 1.25 In Stock 10% on 10
RV63022 Tank Saddle with Nylon Straps, fits 400 Gallon, 42" Diameter Tanks Norwesco Tanks 299.00 In Stock
TRCF2421 Portable Cooling Direct Drive Fan, 24" Blade Diameter, 3800 High CFM, 3200 Low CFM, 1/4 HP Motor 100.00 In Stock
TRQB23623 Portable Cooling Belt Drive Fan, 36" Blade Diameter, 11000 High CFM, 7600 Low CFM, 1/2 HP Motor 239.00 In Stock
AJ511R Plunger Pump, Pulley Drive: MAX 6.0 GPM, 1500 PSI, 950 RPM (18mm Shaft), Right Hand Shaft Arimitsu Pumps 398.00 In Stock
EN82004 LED Retrofit Lamp, Mogul Base, 44W Watts, 5044 Lumens, Replaces 150-175W 57.95 In Stock
EN82005 LED Retrofit Lamp, Mogul Base, 54W Watts, 6107 Lumens, Replaces 250W 64.95 In Stock
HBLP28509 LED Retrofit Lamp, Mogul Base, 99W Watts, 12,000 Lumens, Replaces 400W 169.00 In Stock
NT8012A Car Shammy Drying Cloths, 120 Shams in a case 99.00 In Stock 5% on 5
7% on 10
VPMR100 Vapor Steam Cleaner, Light Duty, Commercial Grade Vapamore 249.00 In Stock
WRT100 Organic Vapor Cartridges ONLY for 768000 (Box of 6) 33.00 In Stock
WRT04 Ammonia Cartridges ONLY for 768000 (Box of 6) 56.00 In Stock
EVRPN66 Push-On Hose Fitting, 303 Stainless Steel, 3/4" MPT x 3/4" Hose Barb 32.75 In Stock
WL267-HPF200 Ear Plugs, Hearing Protection, Poly Foam, No Cord, 32 Db, 200 Pair 24.00 In Stock 10% on 10
WL267-HPR200C Ear Plugs, Hearing Protection, Thermoplastic, No Cord, 23 Db, 100 Pair 63.50 In Stock 10% on 10
BIHC2015GJ Water Jetter Sewer Unit, 2.0 GPM, 1300 PSI, 1 Phase, Hand Cart Dultmeier Sales 895.00 In Stock
BIHC3010GJ Water Jetter Sewer Unit, 3.0 GPM, 1000 PSI, 1 Phase, Hand Cart Dultmeier Sales 925.00 In Stock
CY85-010 Polishing Bonnet, Wool Cyclo Toolmakers 3.95 In Stock
FBTRPNY8 Dip Brush, Tri-Level, 14" Long, 2-1/2" Nylon 16.60 In Stock
CE113640 Jet Pump Motor, 1.5 HP, 1 Phase 199.00 In Stock
CE113641 Jet Pump Motor, 2 HP, 1 Phase 219.00 In Stock
  AI2150 Spreader, Hand Push, 50 Lb. Commercial, Painted Tube Steel; Closeout Special $159 (Normal Price $235) Earthway Products 159.00 In Stock
  AI3100 Spreader, Shoulder Held Broadcast, Zinc Plated Tube Steel; Close-out Special $99.00 (Normal Price $173.00) Earthway Products 99.00 In Stock
  AI77002 Rain Cover For 2170, 2170T,C24,C25, Repair Parts Earthway Products 40.50 In Stock
  BDE034 Nipple, 3/4IN, Box Of 12. -Reg Price $69.00.--DISC Band-It IDEX 57.00 In Stock
  DDD1217D Meter Door Less Lock, 12IN X 15IN, No Bill Opening 145.00 In Stock
  DR88XP-T Pin, Tear Drop Style With Cotter, 88K Chain, Repair Parts 3.35 In Stock
  DR88XP 88K Shoulder Pin With Cotter, Repair Parts 1.89 In Stock
  EPLE4040 Membrane, RO Spot Free, 4IN X 40IN, Tap Water, 2500 Gpd at 150 Psi 185.00 In Stock
  GCS211GF01L7EG5 Solenoid Valve, 3/4IN Stainless, 24 Volt GC Valves 204.00 In Stock
  GN2M430-R Motor, vacuum, scratch & dent, Reg price $67 46.00 In Stock
  HBMH150U-MED Bulb, 150 Watt Metal Halide, Medium 21.40 In Stock 5% on 12
  IP100879-R Piloted Flow Switch, Factory Rebuilt. -RegPrice $96.05. General / Interpump 68.95 In Stock
  IPTS2021B-R General plunger pump, right hand shaft, factory rebuilt, $532 reg price General / Interpump 369.00 In Stock
  LO4061458 Lid Gasket, Repair Parts 3.49 In Stock
  LO4074245 Diaphragm For 475, Repair Parts Solo Sprayers 7.92 In Stock
  LO4074833 Hook For Strap, Repair Parts 4.05 In Stock
  LO4900423 Boom, 2-Nozzle 18.95 In Stock
  MIM805L Grab Hook, 5/16IN, Grade 43 3.59 In Stock
  MIM806L Grab Hook, 3/8IN Grade 43 4.19 In Stock
  MQ1000R Sure Shot Sprayer, Red Enamel, Steel Milwaukee Sprayer 49.95 In Stock
  MQ300 Sure Shot Sprayer Nozzle Assortment Kit Milwaukee Sprayer 26.95 In Stock
  PAPPL-252-4HB Quick Coupler, 1/4IN Nipple X 1/4IN Barb, With Valve Parker Hannifin Fluid 4.90 In Stock
  PAPPL-252-4MP Quick Coupler, 1/4IN Nipple X 1/4IN Mpt, With Valve Parker Hannifin Fluid 4.90 In Stock
  PAPPL-253-4MP Quick Coupler, 1/4IN Coupler X 1/4IN Mpt, No Valve Parker Hannifin Fluid 4.50 In Stock
  PAPPL-254-4MP Quick Coupler, 1/4IN Nipple X 1/4IN Mpt, No Valve Parker Hannifin Fluid 1.49 In Stock
  PAPPL-254-6MP Quick Coupler, 1/4IN Nipple X 3/8IN Mpt, No Valve Parker Hannifin Fluid 0.98 In Stock
  PAPPM-121-4HB Quick Coupler, 1/8IN Coupler X 1/4IN Barb, With Valve Parker Hannifin Fluid 4.90 In Stock
  PAPPM-123-2HB Quick Coupler, 1/8IN Coupler X 1/8IN Barb, No Valve Parker Hannifin Fluid 2.95 In Stock
  PAPPM-123-4HB Quick Coupler, 1/8IN Coupler X 1/4IN Barb, No Valve Parker Hannifin Fluid 2.90 In Stock
  PAPPM-123-4MP Quick Coupler, 1/8IN Coupler X 1/4IN Mpt, No Valve Parker Hannifin Fluid 3.40 In Stock
  PAPPM-124-2MP Quick Coupler, 1/8IN Nipple X 1/8IN Mpt, No Valve Parker Hannifin Fluid 1.75 In Stock
  PSCG-2 Tank Lid O-Ring, Viton 10.95 In Stock
  PSDP02 Brush Only, Pro Sprayer 24.95 In Stock
  RV47176 Tank, Storage, 200 Gallon, White, 38IN Diameter, Closeout Special While Supplies Last; Normal Price $275 Norwesco Tanks 201.00 In Stock
  RV47207 Tank, Horizontal, 500 Gallon, White, Less Fittings, On Closeout Special while supplies last; Normal Price $495.00 Norwesco Tanks 371.00 In Stock
  SGEP5P-LD-R Coin mech, electronic, factory rebuilt, Reg price $236 Magikist 148.00 In Stock
  SH120V Wall Charger For SHO2, 120 Volt; Closeout Special, Regular Price was $19.20 Swift Hitch 13.00 In Stock
  SISEM10SS-R Meter, Electric, 1IN MPT with Lithium Battery, Rebuilt. -RegPrice $305.00 Scienco / Flowserve 212.97 In Stock
  TKVER204FP Regulating Valve, 2IN, 12 Volt, Full Port Banjo Corp. 410.00 In Stock
  TSCO20 Pet Wash Pet Conditioner Solution, 5 Gallon. -RegPrice $75.56. Simoniz Usa 44.95 In Stock
  TW5E40 kynar nozzle, 1/4mpt, 4005 Hypro 1.79 In Stock 10% on 50
  KE810-3E Wafer Check Valve, 3IN Cast Iron, EPDM, SS Disc 119.00 In Stock
  CE112431 Motor, Washguard, 1/2 Hp, 1 Phase, 56 frame, 1800Rpm, 115/208/230 volt, rigid base, TEFC Leeson Electric Motors 239.00 In Stock
  DE36000000145 Check Valve Kit, 500 Series Dema Engineering 37.75 In Stock
  AV7401-U59 Bill Validator, 24VAC Pyramid Technologies 275.00 In Stock
  MVM407 Trigger Wand, Zero Leak MTM Hydro / Veloci 19.95 In Stock
  AVAE2612U3E-R Mars Bill Acceptor, Factory Rebuilt. -RegPrice $400 Mars Bill Acceptors 278.34 In Stock
  HBMH320U Bulb, 320 Watt Metal Halide, 8-5/16 112.50 In Stock 5% on 6
  SC62C-R Centrifugal Pump, Motorpump 62, 2IN x 1.5IN, Buna Carbon-Ceramic Seal, 3500 RPM, 60 Hertz, 208-230V/460V, 10 HP, 3 Phase, TEFC Weg Electric Motor, 7.60" Impeller, Standard Fitted (Brass Wear Ring) Not for Fertilizer - Rebuilt Pump $2450 Scot Industrial Pumps / Wilo 1,776.00 In Stock
  PAP33RA94BNJP-R Air Filter Regulator, 1/2IN, 250 Psi, 212 CFM. -RegPrice $58.45. Parker Pneumatic 40.75 In Stock
  EN70022 Light Fixture, 60 Watt LED Wall Pack 126.00 In Stock
  EN82017 Lamp Bulb, LED, 44 Watt, Medium Base, 5044 Lumens 63.00 In Stock
  NPST261-S-R Unloader Valve With Pressure Switch, 5 Amp @ 120V original sell price $78 Suttner America 53.37 In Stock
  DUTK22251-R Pump Unit, 2IN Electric Drive Self Priming, 5 Hp, 1 Phase reg price is $1733 Dultmeier Sales 1,099.00 In Stock
  MT01500-R Flow Meter Kit, 1/2IN, FM500, 0.5 To 5 Gpm, Repair Parts 309.00 Micro-Trak Systems 193.06 In Stock
  HY1533C-13SP-R Centrifugal Pump Unit, 3IN Cast Iron, 13 Hp, Powerpro Engine, REBUILT & CLOSEOUT, Reg Price $728 Hypro 599.00 In Stock
  IPDHRA50300-R Hose Reel, Hand Crank Style, Steel Construction, Capacity of 300FT of 3/8IN, 250ft of 1/2 hose and 175ft of 5/8 hose orig $205.00 General / Interpump 139.15 In Stock
  TKEVXR150-R Valve, 12V 1-1/2IN FPT Regulating Poly reg price $389 Banjo Corp. 245.89 In Stock 5% on 6