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  Part No. Description Mfg. Price Qty. Status Pkg. Discount
WCCI-2 7-1/2" x 3-1/2" Chromium Carbide Insert Wiese 8.50 In Stock 5% on 50
WCAS75 Sealer Wing Wiese 5.25 In Stock 5% on 50
WCTB79 Center Mount Tube Assembly Wiese 12.90 In Stock 5% on 50
WCW12 Replacement Tube Wiese 3.40 In Stock 5% on 50
WCCP65 Chisel Plow Knife Wiese 28.00 In Stock 5% on 50
DN405 Fence Splicing Tool with Controlled Release Holding Ratchet, reduced line breakage Dutton Lainson 41.95 In Stock
DUXG2-14-25S Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter: 14 Gauge, 15 Amp, 25' Long 65.95 In Stock
GILM50DN Digital Lube Oil Meter, 1/2" Great Plains Industries (GPI) 225.00 In Stock
BUSP3220 "Vac-U-Seal" Self Priming Centrifugal Pedestal Pump, Cast Iron, 2" for 3/4" Gas Engine Drive, 150 GPM CDS-John Blue Pumps 479.00 In Stock
DT5453V O-Rings for Polyethylene Tank fittings, Viton® for 3" FPT fittings Norwesco Tanks 34.40 In Stock
DUPAC3000-1/4 High Pressure Bulk Hose, Blue Non-Marking, 1/4" I.D., .53" O.D. GoodYear 1.24 In Stock 10% on 500
DUPAC3000-3/8 High Pressure Bulk Hose, Blue Non-Marking, 3/8" I.D., .69" O.D. GoodYear 1.39 In Stock 10% on 500
FXHV41330 Hi-Vac® Suction Hose 3" x 30', 7 Max. PSI Plastiflex 160.60 In Stock
FXHV41340 Hi-Vac® Suction Hose 3" x 40', 7 Max. PSI Plastiflex 217.20 In Stock
GQ40410 Foam Polishing Bonnet, 7-8" Size 1.98 In Stock
CY72-435X4 Yellow Medium Cutting Wool Bonnet Cyclo Toolmakers 19.95 In Stock
CY73-530X4 Microfiber Terry Pad Cover Cyclo Toolmakers 9.95 In Stock
HYTUR324B-6 Sudden Impact Turbo Nozzle, #6.0, Brass, 1750 Max PSI, 24° Angle 69.95 In Stock
HYTUR324S-5 Sudden Impact Turbo Nozzle, #5.0, Stainless, 3000 Max PSI, 24° Angle 79.95 In Stock
HYTUR330B-35 Sudden Impact Turbo Nozzle, #3.5, Brass, 1750 Max PSI, 30° Angle 84.95 In Stock
BS7000RXL Gloves, Nitrile Coated, Knit Wrist. Lined, 10" Length, 1 PAIR Size X-Large 2.95 In Stock 10% on 12
20% on 72
MB490W Water Indicator Paste, 2-1/2 oz., Red Morrison Bros 5.14 In Stock
DN960P Quick Lock Trailer Coupler Housing Width 2-9/16" x 2-13/16", Ball Size 1-7/8", Class 1, Trailer Weight 2000 lbs Dutton Lainson 12.95 In Stock
DN970P Quick Lock Trailer Coupler: Housing Width 3" x 3-1/4", Ball Size 1-7/8", Class 1, Trailer Weight To 2000 lbs Dutton Lainson 13.85 In Stock
WC1212F 1/2" x 12" Knife Tube Open Wiese 4.50 In Stock
WCW34 3/4" x 12" Knife Tube Open Wiese 9.10 In Stock 5% on 50
LT831614 "WINGMAN" Multi-Tool, 14 Tool Options Leatherman Tools 32.50 In Stock
LT831429 "SIDE KICK" Multi-Tool, 15 Tool Options Leatherman Tools 39.95 In Stock
LT830948 "SKELETOOL" Multi-Tool, 7 Tool Options Leatherman Tools 49.95 In Stock
LT860021 "CRATER" C33 Pocket Knife Leatherman Tools 19.75 In Stock
LTT2 LED Flashlight, 240 Lumens LED Lenser 23.95 In Stock
QBLB25 Bug Cleaner, 4 Oz. Bottle, Case/24 QuickDry 32.30 In Stock
RV63023 Tank Saddle with Straps: 48" Diameter, Fits 500 Gallon Tanks Norwesco Tanks 316.00 In Stock
RV63022 Tank Saddle with Straps: 42" Diameter, Fits 400 Gallon Tanks Norwesco Tanks 299.00 In Stock
GSSK-1 SK-1 Sidekick Air Dryer, 85 CFM, (2) nozzles, 1' power cord, 8 amps Master Blaster 79.85 In Stock
GSMB-3CD MB-3CD Master Blaster Air Dryer, Includes wheels, (2) motors, 228CFM, 18 amps, 12' power cord, 10' blower hose, blower nozzle, (5) nozzle attachments Master Blaster 298.00 In Stock
SDB2TA-8249 Fuel Oil Pump, 3450 RPM, *RH/RH Rotation & Nozzle Port, 18 / 16 GPH, 1-Stage Suntec Pumps 146.00 In Stock
BMCTR130 Material Handling Gloves, X-Large, Molecular Polyethylene Fiber, Polyurethane Coating Black Mamba 10.95 In Stock 5% on 12
GSVM12500 Vacuum/Blower/Dryer Unit, Hand Held, 110 Volt, 70 CFM Master Blaster 69.50 In Stock
GSDVP26 Disposable Filter Bags, Pack of 5 Master Blaster 2.95 In Stock
GQ40051 White Terry Towels, 14" x 17", Bag of 12 6.95 In Stock
BS1CF7000XL Work Gloves, Cut-Resistant, X-Large Boss Mfg. 6.45 In Stock 10% on 12
BS1CF7000XX Work Gloves, Cut-Resistant, XX-Large Boss Mfg. 6.45 In Stock 10% on 12
BS1BC0313 Work Glove, Green, 18 oz. Large Boss Mfg. 2.90 In Stock 10% on 12
OP789A Standard "A" Spring Balanced, White 927.00 In Stock
OP789B Standard "B" Spring Balanced, Yellow 985.00 In Stock
CY85-010 Polishing Bonnet, Wool Cyclo Toolmakers 3.95 In Stock
GSAM12IDA Vacuum/Blower/Dryer Unit, Hand Held, 12 Volt, 70 CFM Master Blaster 89.50 In Stock
FXEHS225 Haviland Hi-Vaccum Suction Hose, I.D. 2", Length 25' 29.95 In Stock
  AMA522 Tire gauge, sold in packs of 10 only 7.95 In Stock
  BDE034 Nipple, 3/4IN, Box Of 12. -Reg Price $69.00. Band-It IDEX 57.00 In Stock
  CY71-110X2 White Foam Finishing Bonnet, Box/2 Cyclo Toolmakers 8.95 In Stock
  CY71-120X2 Green Foam Polish Bonnet, Box/2 Cyclo Toolmakers 10.95 In Stock
  CY71-455X2 Cutting Wool Bonnet, Box/2 Cyclo Toolmakers 11.95 In Stock
  DUF233 Tool Bar, Rear, 3/4IN X 7-1/2IN 4IN 4.98 In Stock
  EMJ1400-002-R Drybreak Coupler, Aluminum, Factory Rebuilt. -RegPrice $618 473.10 In Stock
  EVSSGV200-G Valve, Globe, 2IN Fpt, Stainless, New. -RegPrice $75.15 49.50 In Stock
  GQ40125 Towel, Microfiber Suede, 16IN X 16IN 1.25 In Stock
  HBMH150U-MED Bulb, 150 Watt Metal Halide, Medium 16.50 In Stock 5% on 12
  IP100879-R Piloted Flow Switch, Factory Rebuilt. -RegPrice $96.05. General / Interpump 68.95 In Stock
  KE990-30T Butterfly Valve, Wafer Split Body, 3IN, Teflon Coated EPDM 249.00 In Stock
  LJL225H Spider, Hytrel Lovejoy 66.30 In Stock
  LL5581 Mounting Kit Chev. 2011-Up, Long Box, Repair Parts, Reg. Price $135 Ag Systems 110.00 In Stock
  LL8822 Mounting Kit Ford 99 & 00, 3/4 & 1 Ton HD, Reg. Price $114 Ag Systems 95.00 In Stock
  LL9002 Hardware Pkg Only, Brute II, Reg. Price $412 Ag Systems 340.00 In Stock
  LL9155 Face Only, Brute II, White, Reg. Price $549 Ag Systems 525.00 In Stock
  LO0062175 O-Ring, Filler Cap For 456, Repair Parts Solo Sprayers 3.95 In Stock
  LO4061458 Lid Gasket, Repair Parts 3.49 In Stock
  LO4074245 Diaphragm For 475, Repair Parts Solo Sprayers 7.92 In Stock
  LO4074677 Protection Cover, Repair Parts Solo Sprayers 3.75 In Stock
  LO4074833 Hook For Strap, Repair Parts 4.05 In Stock
  LO4900312 Gasket Kit For 455, Repair Parts 6.66 In Stock
  LO4900423 Boom, 2-Nozzle 18.95 In Stock
  LQA8197A Air Eliminator, ADZ Aluminum, Viton With Guide, Closeout Special Liquid Controls 299.00 In Stock
  MR1KALJ-X2482 Padlock, 1-3/4IN Base Width, 2-1/2IN VC, Long Shackle, Key X2482 Master Lock 8.95 In Stock
  MRA2000T Puck Lock, Drilled/Tapped, Keyed Alike American Lock 34.95 In Stock
  PI108M O-Ring, Pkg Of 5 (P2), Repair Parts. Paloma Industries 3.33 In Stock
  PI141 Flex Tube Only-All Units, Repair Parts. Paloma Industries 23.60 In Stock
  PI143 Water Filter For PH24M, Repair Parts. Paloma Industries 3.33 In Stock
  PI151 Over-Heat Limiter With TLD, Repair Parts. Paloma Industries 59.70 In Stock
  PI156 Thermocouple, 16/24 A&M, Repair Parts. Paloma Industries 17.30 In Stock
  PI50 Packing, 24M, 10/Pkg., Repair Parts Paloma Industries 3.33 In Stock
  PIPH32C-DVP Water Heater, Condensing, Direct Vent, LP Gas Paloma Industries 1,298.00 In Stock
  RBRH400-3/4 Float Valve, 3/4IN, Brass BOB Valves 14.95 In Stock
  RP386447-0079 Engine, Gas, Briggs & Stratton, 23 Hp, 627CC. 1IN Shaft X 3IN Long Briggs and Stratton Engines 1,098.00 In Stock
  RV115-0171-405R CAN Boom Speed Node, Rebuilt; Closeout; Reg Price $165 Raven Industries 127.00 In Stock
  RV117-0159-923R Kit, Can Power T Terminator, Factory Rebuilt. -RegPrice $190 Raven Industries 142.00 In Stock
  RV117-0171-334R Accuflo-HP Control Node & Cable Raven Industries 904.00 In Stock
  RV117-0171-387 Accuflow Kit, Dual Cooler, 2-Valve, Closeout Special, Regular Price was $4,851 Raven Industries 4,108.00 In Stock
  RV5050R-FLAT Fillwell, 5IN Flat For 5052R Norwesco Tanks 12.20 In Stock
  SH120V Wall Charger For SHO2, 120 Volt; Closeout Special, Regular Price was $19.20 Swift Hitch 13.00 In Stock
  SICADDY-PH603 Caddy, 110 Volt With Ph6 Pump & Sem10 Meter Flowserve Corporation 679.00 In Stock
  SISEM10SS-R Meter, Electric, 1IN MPT with Lithium Battery, Rebuilt. -RegPrice $305.00 Flowserve Corporation 212.97 In Stock
  SS435EC-3FB Manifold Valve, Flowback, 3/4IN, 12 Volt, 5 Valves. -RegPrice $765 Spraying Systems / TeeJet 583.00 In Stock
  STA331-R NH3 Valve, 1-1/4IN, Factory Rebuilt. -RegPrice $155. Squibb Taylor 116.50 In Stock
  STAL361-R Hose End Valve, QA, 1-1/4IN, Rebuilt. -RegPrice $179.55 Squibb Taylor 140.40 In Stock
  SXYT30 Handheld Sprayer, 3 Gallon, Poly Sprayers Plus 41.00 In Stock
  TSCO20 Pet Wash Pet Conditioner Solution, 5 Gallon. -RegPrice $75.56. Simoniz Usa 44.95 In Stock
  UD22.901.163-R Spray Wand, Adjustable, High flow, Factory Rebuilt, -RegPrice $406.00 Udor Pumps 299.00 In Stock
  WR82AC Hard Hat, Yellow Plastic. -RegPrice $13.60 9.95 In Stock
  ZS012N016 Cush-A-Clamp, 3/8IN For Hose / Pipe, .75IN O.D ZSI 2.49 In Stock 10% on 25
  ZS020N024 Cush-A-Clamp, 1IN For Hose / Pipe, 1.25IN O.D. ZSI 3.63 In Stock 10% on 10
  CSP1222 Car Scents, New Car, Box Of 12 Cans California Scents 14.95 In Stock
  MR2806D Interchangeable Ball Pack, 1-7/8IN & 2IN Ball Master Lock 12.95 In Stock
  RV67154 Double Tank Fitting, 1-1/2IN Norwesco Tanks 12.70 In Stock
  RV67162 Double Tank Fitting, 1IN Norwesco Tanks 9.76 In Stock
  SMA2002 Spray Shield 22.95 In Stock
  BF56 Air Actuator For 5IN Thru 6IN Valves, New -RegPrice $225.50 Dultmeier Sales 150.50 In Stock
  CEM3613T Motor, 5 Hp, 3 Phase, 3460 Rpm, 184T, TEFC 479.00 In Stock
  HY2412B-R Plunger Pump, 6.2 Gpm @ 2500Psi Powerline, Right Hand Shaft. -RegPrice $638. Hypro 399.00 In Stock
  LQA89651 Air Eliminator For 6IN Strainers,STL,Viton, Closeout Special Liquid Controls 995.00 In Stock
  SRCHMNA233T-R Noryl Centrifugal Pump, 3/4HP, 3 Phase, -RegPrice $525.00 Hypro 299.00 In Stock
  WF8991 Socket, Impact, 1-1/2IN Hex & 13/16IN Square -RegPrice $50.81 38.70 In Stock
  CB2106-1001MZ Flange Valve, Hydraulic, 6IN, 4 Bolt, Chandler Equipment 599.00 In Stock
  SH240WPR Boot Covers, Waterproof, Red, Box of 40 Pair 19.95 In Stock
  SH300SCDB Boot Covers, Original, Blue, Box of 50 Pair 16.95 In Stock
  SH300SCRD Boot Covers, Original, Red, Box of 50 Pair 19.95 In Stock
  HY1542P-65SP-R Repaired Unit-Hypro 2"Polypro w/6.5HP PowerPro. -RegPrice $3 Hypro 0.00 Call
  AV7401-U59 Bill Validator, 24VAC Pyramid Technologies 219.00 In Stock
  DULGH14 Trailer Sprayer, 15 Gallon with 7 Ft Cov. Boom, Closeout Special at $200 200.00 In Stock
  HBMH320U Bulb, 320 Watt Metal Halide, 8-5/16 18.75 In Stock 5% on 6
  UB1500-100BL Uberflex Hose, 3/8IN X 100FT, 3/8 MPT Solid x 3/8 MPT Swivel, 1 Bend Restrictor, Fiber Braid, Blue, 140F, 3100 PSI Schieffer 69.95 In Stock
  UB1500-100E Uberflex Hose, 3/8IN X 100FT, 3/8 MPT Solid x swivel, Fiber Braid, Black, 3100 PSI Schieffer 65.95 In Stock
  UB1500-50BL Uberflex Hose, 3/8IN X 50FT, 3/8 MPT Solid x 3/8 MPT Swivel, 1 Bend Restrictor, Fiber Braid, Blue, 140F, 3100 PSI Schieffer 37.75 In Stock
  SX101-R Backpack Sprayer, 4 Gallon, 70 PSI, Rebuilt. -RegPrice $155 Sprayers Plus 109.10 In Stock 5% on 3
  NPST275 Sewer Hose, 3/8IN X 1000FT, Black Schieffer 929.00 In Stock
  SC62C-R Motor Pump,10 Hp, 3 Phase, TEFC, 7.60 Impeller, Standard Fitted. -RegPrice $2550. Scot Pumps 1,794.00 In Stock
  SAPNC-R Shallow Well Jet Pump, 1/2 Hp, Plastic, 115/230 Volt Sta-Rite Pumps 221.20 In Stock
  AEGX390K1QAE-R Honda Gas Engine, 11.7 Hp/389cc, Electric Start, 1" Shaft, 10 Amp Charge System, Factory Rebuilt. - $784.00 Honda Small Engines 579.00 In Stock
  HBLP28509 LED Lamp, Retrofit, 100 Watt, Mogul Base. 149.00 In Stock
  ACFMC850F-HYD Pump, 850F Hydraulic Drive, Oasis Wet Seal. Closeout. -RegPrice $1995.00. Ace Pumps 995.00 In Stock
  GJ10S-CIM-R Sewage Sump Pump, Rebuilt, 110 Gpm, 1/2 Hp, 115 Volt, No Switch. -RegPrice $334.40. Little Giant Pumps 199.00 In Stock
  GL1DW51E1EA-R Sewage Pump, Effluent, 1 Hp, 230 Volt. Rebuilt. -RegPrice $649.00. Goulds Pumps 469.00 In Stock
  DRWE01-HDA03-NN06 Ball Valve, 3 Way with Double Acting Air Actuator. Stainless, 2IN Dwyer Instruments 399.00 In Stock
  PAP33RA94BNJP-R Air Filter Regulator, 1/2IN, 250 Psi, 212 CFM. -RegPrice $58.45. Parker Pneumatic 40.75 In Stock
  MM84609-R Wheel Blaster, Compact, Stainless Steel. Less insert nozzles. Factory Rebuilt. -RegPrice $619.00. Mosmatic 479.00 In Stock
  PD200729-R Strainer, 4IN, 30 Mesh with Plug, 300# Flange $879.00 545.50 In Stock
  RVSCS660SI-R Console, 660 With Serial Interface Less Cables. -RegPrice $1,617.00. Raven Industries 1,200.00 In Stock
  GL5SV17-R Pump, Vertical Multistage, SS, 5 Hp, 1 Phase, Normal Price $2,109.00 Goulds Pumps 1,600.00 In Stock
  RV60214 15 Gal Inductor Tank, 12 IN Lid, 2 IN Bottom Fitting Norwesco Tanks 49.00 In Stock
  AEGX390K1QA-R Honda Gas Engine, 11.7 Hp/389cc, Recoil Start, 1IN Shaft, Rebuilt Original Sell Price $596 Honda Small Engines 439.00 In Stock
  LL9155-R NO BRACKETS Face Only, Brute II, White, Reg. Price $549 Ag Systems 250.00 In Stock
  LL9155-R Face Only, Brute II, White, Reg. Price $549 Ag Systems 405.00 In Stock
  MM81506-R Rotary Duct Cleaner, 3IN, Adjustable, 2 Nozzle $255.00 Mosmatic 195.00 In Stock
  HY1538-R Centrifugal Pump, 1-1/2IN X 1-1/4IN Cast Iron, Straight regular price $359.00 Hypro 260.00 In Stock
  CNA212L-R Valve, Angle, Hose End, 1IN With 1-3/4 IN Female Acme Extension. REBUILT. Reg. Price $206 Continental NH3 Products 139.00 In Stock 5% on 10
  FN30115-R Hose, Blue Wash/Solution, 3/8IN x 200FT, 3000 Psi, 250F, scratch and dent Orig price $225 157.00 In Stock
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