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  Part No. Description Wt. Mfg. Price Qty. Status Pkg. Discount
  EMJ1400-002-R Drybreak Coupler, Aluminum, Factory Rebuilt. -RegPrice $618 0.00 lbs. In Stock
  GI3N31GM-R Meter, Electronic Digital, 1IN Nylon, -RegPrice $316.20 0.00 lbs. Great Plains Industries (GPI) In Stock
  IP100879-R Piloted Flow Switch, Factory Rebuilt. -RegPrice $96.05. 0.00 lbs. General / Interpump In Stock
  PBPO301V-R Brass Rotoflow Pump, Brass. Rebuilt. -RegPrice $67.95. 1.63 lbs. Rotoflow Pumps In Stock
  SAHP10FMS-R Booster Pump, Factory Rebuilt. -RegPrice $652.00. 0.00 lbs. Sta-Rite Pumps In Stock
  ST1000-R-R Rebuilt Gps Sensor/ Raven Connector/7Hz 0.00 lbs. Squibb Taylor Call
  STA331-R NH3 Valve, 1-1/4IN, Factory Rebuilt. -RegPrice $155. 0.00 lbs. Squibb Taylor In Stock
  STAL361-R Hose End Valve, QA, 1-1/4IN, Rebuilt. -RegPrice $179.55 0.00 lbs. Squibb Taylor In Stock
  TK301POIW-R Banjo Pump, 3IN, Wet Seal, Rebuilt. -RegPrice $839 130.00 lbs. Banjo Corp. In Stock
  UD22.901.163-R Spray Wand, Adjustable, High flow, Factory Rebuilt, -RegPrice $406.00 0.00 lbs. Udor Pumps USA In Stock
  BUFM150-R Foam Marker, 15 Gallon, REBUILT 0.00 lbs. CDS-John Blue *CALL In Stock
  FW4F55S15-R Well Pump End, Factory Rebuilt -RegPrice $487.00. 0.00 lbs. Flint & Walling In Stock
  GITM075N-R Digital Meter, 3/4IN Fpt, Rebuilt -RegPrice $235.00 0.00 lbs. Great Plains Industries (GPI) In Stock
  GU22060-200-R Turbo Nozzle, #20, Factory Rebuilt -RegPrice $ 98.50. 0.00 lbs. Giant Pumps In Stock
  HY2412B-R Plunger Pump, 6.2 Gpm @ 2500Psi Powerline, Right Hand Shaft. -RegPrice $638. 39.00 lbs. In Stock
  RI65RTC-R Pipe Threader, Rebuilt -RegPrice $718. 0.00 lbs. Ridgid Tools In Stock
  SRCHMNA233T-R Noryl Centrifugal Pump, 3/4HP, 3 Phase, -RegPrice $525.00 0.00 lbs. In Stock
  IXMA800-R Electronic Coin Acceptor, Rebuilt. -RegPrice $165.00. 1.60 lbs. IDX In Stock
  DXLED7-R Digital Timer, Factory Rebuilt. -RegPrice $264. 1.00 lbs. Dixmor In Stock
  DE570PV-R Mixrite Injector, Kynar, No Valve. Rebuilt. -RegPrice $488. 4.00 lbs. Dema In Stock
  SX101-R Backpack Sprayer, 4 Gallon, 70 PSI, Rebuilt. -RegPrice $155 13.00 lbs. Sprayers Plus *CALL In Stock 5% on 3
  GI906M-R Def Nozzle, Manual, 3/4IN SS 0.00 lbs. Great Plains Industries (GPI) In Stock
  SC62C-R Motor Pump,10 Hp, 3 Phase, TEFC, 7.60 Impeller, Standard Fitted. -RegPrice $2550. 265.00 lbs. Scot Pumps In Stock
  SAPNC-R Shallow Well Jet Pump, 1/2 Hp, Plastic, 115/230 Volt 23.25 lbs. Sta-Rite Pumps In Stock
  IPK7.2-R Unloader Valve, Rebuilt 3.00 lbs. General / Interpump In Stock
  HY3381-10-R Adjustable Spray Gun, 17" barrel, 24"overal length, Buna seals. Rebuilt. -RegPrice $130 3.50 lbs. In Stock
  AEGX340K1QAE-R Honda Engine, Rebuilt, 10.7 Hp/389cc, Electric Start, 1" Shaft. -RegPrice $735. 79.00 lbs. Honda Small Engines In Stock
  GSGS402-R Bay Timer, 24 Volt, Rebuilt. -RegPrice $78.40 0.00 lbs. GinSan Industries In Stock
  DUAAR25-R Sprayer, Spot, 25 Gallon 12 Volt Dc Polyethylene. Rebuilt. -RegPrice $222.00. 0.00 lbs. In Stock
  RTHED1000-R Tank, Elliptical, 1000 Gallon, 8.5IN Deep Sump $911.00 287.00 lbs. Ace Roto-Mold / Ace Tanks In Stock
  DUAR25-R Sprayer, Spot, 25 Gallon 12 Volt Dc Polyethylene. Rebuilt. -RegPrice $222.00. 0.00 lbs. In Stock
  NS1712X-R Air Operated Pump, High Volume Transfer (Non-Corrosive Liquid). Rebuilt. -RegPrice $452.50. 11.00 lbs. National Spencer In Stock
  ACFMC75HYD204-R Hydraulic Pump, 1IN X 3/4IN Polypropylene. Rebuilt. -RegPrice $501.00. 16.25 lbs. Ace Pumps In Stock
  GJ9EN-CIM-R Sump/Effluent Pump, Manual, Rebuilt. -RegPrice $261.70. 26.50 lbs. Little Giant Pumps In Stock
  GJ10S-CIM-R Sewage Sump Pump, Rebuilt, 110 Gpm, 1/2 Hp, 115 Volt, No Switch. -RegPrice $334.40. 43.00 lbs. Little Giant Pumps In Stock
  GL1DW51E1EA-R Sewage Pump, Effluent, 1 Hp, 230 Volt. Rebuilt. -RegPrice $649.00. 35.00 lbs. Goulds Pumps In Stock
  HK159464-R Automatic Nozzle, 3/4IN Unleaded, New, Green. Rebuilt -RegPrice $65.70. 0.00 lbs. Husky Corp In Stock
  PX114T-075/M15-R Pump / Motor Unit, 12 Volt $178.40 7.15 lbs. Pumptec Pumps In Stock
  DXQL-R Coin Mechanism Insert Only, No Bracket 191.40 1.44 lbs. In Stock
  YANDP-15FPT-R Diaphragm Pump, Air Operated, 1/2IN Fpt, Teflon, Poly Body. -RegPrice $379.50 9.50 lbs. Yamada Pumps *CALL In Stock
  DE1410M-R Chemical Injector With Valve, 100:1 To 10:1 -RegPricce $486.30. 0.00 lbs. Dema In Stock
  TK300PH13W-R Pump, 3 IN Poly Double Wet Seal, 13 Hp Honda Engine, 12 Volt -RegPrice $1,395.00 120.00 lbs. Banjo Corp. In Stock
  EVCCH50-R Hose, 1IN X 50FT For Golf Course. -RegPrice is $154.60. 47.35 lbs. Dixon Valve & Coupling In Stock
  AN39A-R Ultimate Vendor, 55 Selections, Ambient. -RegPrice $3,975.00. 545.00 lbs. Call

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