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Specifications for Complete 1,065 Gal. Anti-ice/De-ice Spraying System

With Raven DCS400/410 Control System (Ground Speed Oriented) for 3-Lane Spraying (Fits Standard 5 Ton Dump Trucks).

Tank System:

  1. Tank system shall consist of one 1,065 Gal. "leg" style tank, with molded-in sump.
  2. The tank shall be a natural translucent color so that the liquid level can be seen inside the tank. Each tank shall be cylindrical-shaped with integral legs; tank dimensions shall be approx. 58" x 106".
  3. The tank shall be molded of high density polyethylene resin with UV protection and shall carry a 3-year warranty.
  4. The tank shall have a 16" dia. top manway opening with screw type vented lid.
  5. The tank shall have molded-in gallonage markers.
  6. The tank shall be securely mounted to the skid frame with three 1-1/2" dia. steel hoops and two 1-1/2" wide lateral steel straps. J-bolts with "Nylock" nuts shall secure the bottom of the steel hoops to the skid frame.

Self-Loading Skid Frame System:

  1. System shall be "self-loading" style with rotating steel front legs, steel wheels at front of frame, individual "telescoping" steel rear legs, and steel "frame guides".
  2. Frame shall be constructed of 6 x 8.2 lb. steel side channels running full-length on each side with similar cross members running under each tank leg across the frame. Proper tank "stops" shall also be included.
  3. Front legs shall rotate on 1-1/4" dia. high strength bolts and shall be constructed of 3" sq. steel tube with 6" x 4-1/2" x 1/4" thick steel base plates at bottom of each front leg. Base plates cut with one tapered side to avoid interference with skid frame when rotating up.
  4. Rear legs shall telescope up individually (to allow one person to easily lift up each rear leg without binding). Upper rear legs shall be constructed of 4" x 1/4" sq. steel tube and lower rear legs of 3-1/2" x 3/16" sq. steel tube. 6" x 6" x 1/4" thick steel base plates at bottom of each rear leg shall be included.
  5. Front end of frame shall include two 4" steel caster wheels with grease fittings.
  6. Four steel frame guides shall be included to guide unit into dump body when backing up. Two tailgate latch pins shall also be included.
  7. Entire frame system shall be painted with two coats; prime coat followed by enamel top coat (black).

Automatic Programmable Control System:

  1. System will include an Automatic Programmable Control System which is ground-speed orientated to provide automatic rate control of spraying system at any speed. This control system will also include the following additional features:
  2. Raven DCS400 controller can be pre-programmed for up to 6 different application rates (flowrates input in gallons per lane-mile) and will keep the spray system on the pre-set target rate regardless of speed changes. Rate adjustment dial allows for "on the fly" changes between pre-programmed rates.
  3. Controller will also keep system on target rate (gallons per lane-mile) regardless of the number of lanes being sprayed (1, 2 or 3 lanes at once) and will allow for "on the fly" changes to the number of lanes being sprayed.
  4. Manual override button allows operator to increase or decrease the preprogrammed rates at any time. Controller also includes programmable "blast" feature to momentarily increase flowrate for bridge decks, etc. Boom control switch allows for instantaneous switching between 1, 2 or 3 lane spraying.
  5. Rate (gallons per lane-mile) is displayed in left display screen at all times. Right display screen can display: total area, total volume, day area, day volume, distance, speed, volume per minute (GPM), area per hour, volume remaining in tank and time.
  6. Control system also includes Raven RFM-100 2" Flowmeter, and automatic adjusting hydraulic control valve, speedometer speed sensor, and all necessary control and console cables with weatherpack connectors.
  7. System shall be capable of spraying up to 3 lanes at 50 Gals Per Lane- Mile (on each lane) at up to 60 MPH.

Plumbing & Boom Systems:

  1. All plumbing components used shall consist of corrosion-resistant materials including reinforced polypropylene and stainless steel. Hoses shall be EPDM suction/discharge hose with thermal plastic helix and internal braiding and 100% EPDM tube.
  2. Maximum use of polypropylene "flanged" fittings shall be utilized to allow for quick and easy maintenance of the plumbing system.
  3. A 2" Drain-Fill valve shall be located at the rear of the unit and shall include a 2" male adaptor and cap for quick hose hook-up.
  4. Pump shall be a 2" x 1-1/2" cast iron centrifugal pump with integral hydraulic-drive motor. Pump (Ace FMC-200-HYD-304) shall provide a maximum flowrate of 200 GPM or more and will also provide 175 GPM at 40 PSI (at 10 GPM hydraulic oil flowrate at 1,800 PSI).
  5. 12 Volt Valve Assembly shall of the "stackable" style and include 1" Full Port Valves constructed of polypropylene with stainless balls, stems & hardware. Valve Assembly inlet shall be 1-1/2" minimum. Each valve shall include a high torque motor with auto reset circuit breaker and DPDT relay inside a waterproof polypropylene NEMA 4X or 6P rated housing with valve position indicator. Valve assembly shall be rated to 150 PSI working pressure. Valve Assembly mounting bracket shall be provided.
  6. Boom system shall include 1-1/4" stainless steel boom securely mounted to the rear of the spray system with two stainless steel "cusha" clamps. Boom shall be adjustable from 1'2" to 2'6" above the pavement. The center-lane section of the boom shall include a 3-way manual valve to allow the operator to direct liquid flow to either (2) Spraying Systems SSQCKSS150 stainless steel flooding nozzles for anti-icing, or to 15 stainless steel solid stream nozzles for de-icing. Left and right lane nozzles shall include (2) Spraying Systems SSOCSS300 stainless "offset" nozzles with brass bodies and caps for effective coverage of the entire left and right lanes (two nozzles each end of the boom). All nozzles will be "balanced" to ensure the anti-icing/de-icing liquid is distributed equally to all lanes being sprayed.