Butterfly Valves Guide

Butterfly Valves are very popular due to their relative economy, especially in sizes of 3" or larger, quarter-turn capability for full open or full close, large coefficient of volume (low pressure loss at high flowrates), simple lever handle operation and ease of adding actuators.

Wafer Body Butterfly Valves

Dultmeier stocks wafer body butterfly valves which are designed to fit between standard 125 lb. / 150 lb. ANSI flanges with "thru" bolts that run along the outside rim of both flanges.

Wafer body butterfly valves are much more popular than lug body butterfly valves because they are more economical. We stock these wafer body valves with EPDM seats & Buna seats, stainless discs & stainless stems.

Lug Body Butterfly Valves

We also stock lug body butterfly valves which fit between similar flanges, but use short threaded bolts from each flange into the "lugs" on the valve body. Lug body butterfly valves have the advantage of being used in "end of line" (dead end) applications with a flange on just one side of the valve.

Dultmeier Sales stocks Split Body, Wafer & Lug Style and 12 & 24 Volt Electric Actuated Butterfly Valves from Keystone & Centerline.

Stock butterfly valve bodies are standard in cast iron (coated) since bodies are a non-wetted component. EPDM seated butterfly valves are compatible with water, fertilizer and some diluted chemicals but should not be used with fuels, oils or other hydrocarbons. Buna seated butterfly valves are compatible with standard diesel fuel, many oils, water & most fertilizers. Viton® seats & teflon coated EPDM or Teflon coated Buna seats are also available.

Always confirm seat material, disc & stem compatibility with all products you will be running through the butterfly valves.

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