Diesel Transfer Pumps & Diesel Transfer Pump Systems

Dultmeier Sales carries a large variety of pump units for transferring diesel fuel in many applications. These pump units are available in the following main categories:

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Engine Driven Diesel Transfer Pumps

Engine driven diesel transfer pumps typically consist of a cast iron self-priming centrifugal pump close coupled to a gasoline engine. These pump units can transfer diesel fuel at high flowrates (100-600 GPM or higher). Their self-priming design also provides for suction "lift" capability so they can pull product up from underground tanks or pits. Diesel transfer pumps we offer in this category include:

Motor Driven Diesel Transfer Pumps

Diesel transfer pumps in this category usually consist of a cast iron centrifugal pump (self-priming or straight centrifugal) close coupled or long coupled to a 1 phase or 3 phase electric motor. Straight centrifugal versions work well in "flooded" suction applications with above-ground storage tanks. The motors on these units are not "explosion-proof" but we can provide explosion-proof motors if local regulators require them in your location.

Pedestal Style Diesel Transfer Pumps

We also offer many of these same diesel transfer pumps by themselves (centrifugal "pedestal" pumps) for use with existing motors or engines such as:

Conventional Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps

We also carry a wide variety of conventional diesel fuel transfer pumps with 2" MPT bung adaptors for direct mounting into 2" tank openings on pickup truck tanks and skid tanks. These pump units are available with or without meters and usually include a discharge hose and hose end nozzle. Many models can also be used to transfer gasoline.

Complete Pump Transfer Systems for Diesel

We also carry complete pump transfer systems for diesel that include an engine driven pump, fuel filter, spring rewind hose reel, discharge hose, swivel & automatic nozzle, all on one base plate. These units can be mounted near your storage tanks or onto your own trailer.

Gear Style Diesel Transfer Pumps

Gear pumps also work well for transferring diesel fuel (and many other petroleum products with low or high viscosities). Gear pump units will provide flowrates from 10 to 400 GPM and will also provide much higher discharge pressures (to 120 PSI) than most centrifugal pumps will provide.

PTO-Driven Diesel Transfer Pumps

PTO driven diesel transfer pumps are self-priming centrifugal pumps designed to run directly off a 540 RPM or 1000 RPM PTO drive.

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