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Specifications for Complete De-icing/Anti-icing Liquid Storage & Transfer System

Includes Storage Tank, Pump Unit & Plumbing System

Storage Tank:

Tank shall be constructed of high density polyethylene resin with ultra violet light protection meeting all applicable ASTM specifications for polyethylene storage tanks. Tank shall be a natural translucent color so that the product level can be seen inside the tank. Tank shall be rated to hold 14 lb. per gallon liquids (or select 16 lb. per gallon) and be fully compatible with deicing liquids. Tank shall carry a 3 year warranty. Tank shall be 5,150 gallons in size (or select 3,000; 4,000; 4,200; 6,250; 7000; or 10,500 gallons; other sizes also available). Tank shall include a 22" diameter top lid (vented), molded in deep tie-downs and molded in gallonage indicators. Tank shall include two 2" (or select 3") "double thread" bulkhead fittings constructed of stainless steel (or select polypropylene) with EPDM or Buna-N gasket (one to include suction tube).

Pump Unit:

Shall consist of 2" x 2" (or select 3" x 3") self-priming pump unit and shall be fully compatible with de-icing liquids. Pump volute, impeller and feet shall be constructed of 30% glass-filled polyester. Pump elastomers shall be EPDM. All metal wetted parts in the pump shall be 316 stainless steel. Pump shaft shall be 316 stainless steel (solid). Pump shall include a mechanical type seal consisting of carbon and ceramic faces with EPDM elastomer and 316 stainless steel metal parts. Pump bearing pedestal (non-wetted component) shall be cast iron with enamel paint. Pump shall be long-coupled to a 5 HP (or select 7.5 HP for 3" x 3" pump), 1 Phase (or select 3 Phase if you have 3 Phase power), Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) motor. Coupling between pump and motor shall consist of two Lovejoy jaw couplings and hytrel spider with steel coupling guard (powder coat paint). Pump and motor shall be securely bolted to a heavy-duty 7 gauge steel base plate (powder coat paint) and shall be properly shimmed and aligned.
Note: You may also simply specify DUPR5010 Pacer pump unit (5 HP, 1 Phase), DUPR5030 Pacer pump unit (5 HP, 3 Phase), DUPR7510 Pacer pump unit (7.5 HP, 1 Phase), or DUPR7530 Pacer pump unit (7.5 HP, 3 Phase).

Plumbing System:

The plumbing system shall provide for filling the tank with either the system's pump unit or the transport's pump, for recirculation/ agitation of liquids in the tank, and for load-out to spray systems. The plumbing system shall include all necessary valves, pipe fittings and nipples, hose barbs, hose, clamps, strainer, tank mixing eductor and pipe compound which are fully compatible with de-icing liquids including the following: two 2" 316 cast stainless steel ball valves and 2-2" 316 stainless steel nipples for the tank ports, five 2" full port glass-reinforced polypropylene ball valves, Sch. 80 glass-reinforced polypropylene pipe fittings, 40' of 2" reinforced hose with EPDM cover and tube and wire helix reinforcement, high torque stainless steel clamps in sufficient quantity to double clamp all hose ends. 2" polypropylene Y-style strainer with 20 mesh stainless steel screen shall also be included near the pump discharge. 1-1/2" polyethylene tank mixing eductor shall also be included for insertion inside the tank's re-circulation/agitation port. A 2" polypropylene male adaptor camlock style coupling with dust cap will be provided for transport truck hose hook-up. A 2" polypropylene female coupler will also be provided for hooking the 2" discharge hose up to sprayers. A Plumbing Diagram drawn on Autocad will also be provided.
Note: Simply specify DU1A056 with associated Plumbing Diagram.
Note: Similar plumbing system can also be provided with polypropylene "flanged" fittings in lieu of threaded fittings.

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