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Self Serve Car Wash Investment Information

The following information is made available to help you with investment decisions as they relate to the Car Wash Industry. Click here to download as a .pdf

Much of the information enclosed was obtained from various periodicals and customer surveys pertaining specifically to this market.

Dultmeier Sales cannot be held accountable for revenue or cost data that does not meet with or match these studies.

No Guarantee of income, expenses or profits is made or implied by Dultmeier Sales. Population, location, building layout, management strategies, climate & competition can all have a great impact with regards to this information and how it affects your business.

For the sake of this information, we will assume all cost and income data is for typical Self-Serve Car Washes.

Please Let Us Know if You Would Like a Formal Equipment Quote.
Thank You and Good Washing!

Ace Tanks Armor All Products Ametek Lamb Vacuum Motors AR Pumps Arimitsu Pumps Little Trees Car Freshner Cat Pumps FloJet Pumps General Pumps Giant Pumps Hansen Couplings Honda Small Engines Hypro Pumps John Guest Fittings Shurflo Pumps Simoniz Spraying Systems Suttner America TeeJet TurtleWax Products Baldor-Reliance Comet Pumps Dema Engineering Pentair-Hypro Kip Valves Laurel Metal Products Mosmatic Pumptec Pumps Telco Sensors Udor Pumps Wanner Engineering

Starting a Self Serve Car Wash

Lot Selection

Bay & Building Sizing

Building Placement

Inside Vs. Outside Bays

Revenue Projections-Bays

Download How To Start a Car Wash Layouts & Designs

Revenue Projections-Vacuums

Revenue Projections-Vending

Operating Cost Projections

Options & Features


Self-Serve Car Wash Package Includes the Following Per Bay:

Pump Room Equipment

Bay Equipment

Please Call for Pricing (Per Bay)

  • 3 HP, Single Phase
  • 3 HP, Three Phase
  • 5 HP, Single Phase
  • 5 HP, Three Phase

(Quantity Discounts Available)


* Please call for an exact quote to meet your specific requirements.

Foam Brush Systems  Foam Brush Systems

Includes stainless wall booms, brush assemblies with handles, automatic mixing tank, foam modules for each bay, stainless solenoids, air-driven transfer pump, supply run lines & instruction signs. Pre-plumbed and pre-wired.

Tire & Engine Cleaner Systems  Tire & Engine Cleaner Systems

Includes centrifugal transfer pump with motor, automatic mixing tank, stainless solenoids and all supply run lines with fittings. Pre-plumbed and pre-wired.

Pre-Soak Cleaner Systems  Pre-Soak Cleaner Systems

Includes air-driven or centrifugal transfer pump, automatic mixing tank, stainless solenoids, all supply run lines with fittings. Pre-plumbed and pre-wired.

Floor Heat Systems  Floor Heat Systems

Includes all underfloor material, manifold boxes, thermostat, boiler and circulating pump. Also features computer schematic drawn to your specific application for ease of installation.

Spot-Free Rinse Systems  Spot-Free Rinse Systems

Includes RO water production system, chlorine pre-filter, holding tank, automatic shut-off, supply run lines, pressure transfer system to all bays, stainless solenoids, bay instruction signs.

Triple Foam Protectant Systems  Triple Foam Protectant Systems

Includes 3-compartment stainless steel tank with auto mixing valves, sequence controller, bay signs, run lines, bay hoses with wands and start-up chemicals.

Water Softeners  Water Softeners

Dual Tank design with automatic regeneration on demand.

Air Drying Systems  Air Drying Systems

Hand-held, high velocity vehicle dryers for vacuum islands or self-service bays.

Vacuums, Stainless Steel  Vacuums, Stainless Steel

Bill Changers, Stainless Front or Rear Load  Bill Changers, Stainless Front or Rear Load

Hopper Load and Tube Load ($1, $5, $10, $20 Options)

Soap & Wax Tanks  Soap & Wax Tanks

Auto Stainless-Liquid, Auto Stainless-Powder, and Auto Plastic-Liquid.

Vending Machines  Vending Machines

Single Stainless With Security Bar or Multi-Vend Systems.

Bay Light Fixtures  Bay Light Fixtures

150 - 250 Watt LED or metal halide fixtures.

Inlet Plumbing Package, Per Bay

Wire Run Package, Per Bay

230 Volt Electrical Requirements for Self-Serve Carwash

110 Volt Electrical Requirements for Self-Serve Carwash

Typical Electrical Specifications and Requirements

Note: Due to differing installations, electrical requirements and codes may vary. This is an honest effort to describe electrical requirements of a typical car wash installation.

Typical Pump Room Layout

Note: This is a typical 3-Bay pump-room layout, installations and buildings may vary causing changes to this layout to be necessary!

Typical Self-Serve Car Wash Pump Room Layout

Ref. No's.:

#1 Foam Brush (Pump System):

Height: 53", Width: 24", Depth: 12". Water inlet is 3/4" FGTH. 110 Volt req'd. (24 volt hookup from pumping station req'd).

#2 Tire Cleaner & Pre-Soak Systems:

Height: 53", Width: 12", Depth: 24". Water inlet is 3/4" FGTH. 110 Volt req'd. (24 volt hookup from pumping station req'd).

#3 Soap & Wax Tanks (Automatic-Liquid):

20 Gallon Height: 22-1/8", Diameter is 18". Water inlet is 3/4" GHT. Vinyl run lines can be run from solenoids into top of the tank through the lid.

#4 Air Compressor:

Sized for 1 cfm per bay. 110 volt req'd. 3/8" connector from compressor to foam brush tire cleaner systems.

#5 Pump Stations:

Height: 62", Depth: 29", Width: 22" on single and 44" on double units. Hot and cold water inlets are 3/4" MGTH. Attach cold water solenoid to main with hoses supplied. Attach hot water solenoid to water heater with hoses supplied. (Note: Heaters are normally mounted above pump stations.) Electrical requirements are as follows: 208 or 230 volt, single or three phase required for each station. Local installation will dictate requirements.

#5a Weep System:

Includes thermostat and solenoid. Ports are 3/8" FPT. Tap into hard water line, run separate line to solenoid valve. Plumb valve with unions (not included) and run from valve to weep inlet on pump stations, continue run to weep inlet on brush system. Attach thermostat to solenoid. 110 volt required.

#6 Water Softener:

Each softener includes (1) brine tank and (2) mineral tanks. 110 volt required.

#7 Floor Heat System:

Varies with number of bays. See separate floor heat diagram for proper hookup.

#8 Optional Spot-Free Rinse Systems:

Hookup will vary with specific system.

#9 Bill Changer:

Mounts into pump room wall, size will vary with specific model. 110 volt req'd.

#10 Vending Machines:

Mount to external walls. Height: 42", Width: 12-1/2", Depth: 5-1/2".

#11 Optional Pump Room Heater (With Thermostat):

150,000 BTU, Natural Gas. 110 volt req'd. (Not Shown)

*Notes: For water line sizing, design to handle a minimum of 4 GPM per bay assuming all are running.
Dimensions and hook up specifications may change depending on which style system is purchased. Please call our car wash technical sales department at 1-888-677-5054 to answer any questions.

Conceptual Site Plan (not to scale)

"Two Covered & One Outside Bay: Drive-Thru Design"

Two Covered & One Outside Self-Serve Car Wash Bay: Drive-Thru

SCALE: 1 in. = 20 ft.     NOTE: Not for construction.


Conceptual Site Plan (not to scale)

"Two Inside & One Outside Bay: Drive-In Back-Out"

Two Inside & One Outside Self-Serve Car Wash Bay: Drive-In Back-Out

SCALE: 1 in. = 20 ft.     NOTE: Not for construction.


Conceptual Site Plan (not to scale)

"Equipment Layout, Typical Bay Sidewall"

Self-Serve Car Wash Equipment Layout, Typical Bay Sidewall

SCALE: 1 in. = 20 ft.     NOTE: Not for construction.


Conceptual Site Plan (not to scale)

"Car Wash 2-Bay Floor Heat System"

Self-Serve Car Wash 2-Bay Floor Heat System

SCALE: 1 in. = 20 ft.     NOTE: Not for construction.


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