How to Service Valves on Plunger Pumps | Video

In this video, CAT Pumps® demonstrates how to service the valves on a plunger pump. This step-by-step tutorial includes the tools needed to service the valves, disassembly of the valves, inspection, maintenance, and repair of the valves, and reassembly of the valves. The techniques shown in the video apply to the 66DX, 6DX, and 5DX CAT Pumps.

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Plunger pumps are a type of positive displacement pump that moves fluid by expanding and contracting a cavity. During the contracting of the cavity via a plunger rod, a discharge valve is forced open, expelling fluid. The rod then begins to move backward, closing the discharge valve and opening an inlet valve, drawing in more liquid.

CAT PUMPS® offers a few different designs of piston and plunger pumps, including a direct flow pump, a "Superflow" pump that includes a flow-through ceramic plunger, and a flushing port pump that includes an inlet and outlet pump to circulate a flushing liquid through the pump, extending pump life when operating with special materials.