Skid Sprayer for Tree, Turf, Weed Spraying + | Video

This compact turf / tree sprayer (Part No. DU 1A001) is made to be used in tight spaces and was designed to be forklifted onto a pickup truck bed. Its most desirable feature is the ability to spray to a height of 40-50 feet. The sprayer is rated to 13 GPM at pressures to 580 PSI. Unit includes:

  • Heavy-duty welded steel frame that is 34" wide x 72" long x 50" high
  • 8 HP GX240 Honda Engine
  • Powder coat paint finish for extra durability
  • 200 gallon poly tank
  • 135 ft. of 3/4" 600 PSI Hose (Abrasion Resistant)
  • Vented top lid and gallonage markers
  • Hypro D503 Gear Reduction Diaphragm Pump
  • 17" Hypro Spray Gun (#3381-10)
  • 12 Volt Hannay hose reel
  • Includes strainer, valves, agitation, pressure regulator, gauge (when required)

Many options and versions available! Skid units can be customized with any pump unit fitting on a 12" x 30" baseplate.

For product details on the DU 1A001 Skid Sprayer and similar models, Click Here. Also, check out our video below for a close up view of the DU 1A001!