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Dultmeier is a business to business only wholesale stocking distributor and manufacturer with two locations: Omaha, Nebraska & Davenport, Iowa (USA). Competitive wholesale prices & huge inventories (95% fill rate average on all orders with same day shipping) combined with our knowledgeable sales personnel mean you get great prices on quality products with a high level of customer service.

  • Why should you do business with Dultmeier Sales?

    Why should you do business with Dultmeier Sales?

    "Our goal is to help you keep your business running and maintaining profitability."

Our goal is to keep your business running smoothly and profitably with a very wide & deep selection of products, shipped the same day* and backed with excellent service and support.

In addition, our technical experts are here to help you select the best products for your applications and source these products either off-the-shelf or configured for your specific needs.

  • Over 95% of needs filled immediately via off-the-shelf products.
  • Over 99.5% shipping accuracy.
  • 1.5M stock products.
  • Items available from over 400 manufacturers.
  • Technical sales & support specialists ready to assist you.
  • Pump engineers on staff.
  • 2 Stocking warehouses in the Midwest.

Contact us today and let us deliver a solution for you...We Know Flow!
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*All UPS and other small package orders placed before 3:00pm CST ship the same day.


Have you considered what down time can cost you?

Potential Lost Revenue from Fertilizer Terminal Equipment Failure

  • 50,000 lb. Truckload = 25 tons x $285 = $7,125
  • $7,125 x (5 trucks/hr) = approx. $36,000/hr
  • Single bay down for an entire day = $432,000/day† in lost revenue.

* Calculations based on summer 2017 national average price of UAN
† (suggesting a 12 hr work day in peak season)


Potential Lost Revenue due to Car Wash Equipment Failure

  • 1 Automatic Down
  • $240/day $7,175/mo
  • 1 Self-Serve Car Wash Bay
  • $55/day $1,625/mo
  • Vending Income
  • $13/day $400/mo
  • 1 Vacuum
  • $10/day $300/mo

* Figures based on national averages during peak activity.


Potential Lost Revenue from a Custom Application Self-Propelled Sprayer

  • Sprayer Down
  • $600/hr $4,800/day

* Figures based on a 12 hour day during peak season.

Dultmeier Divisions:

Car Wash, Truck Wash, Mobile Cleaning

Systems, Equipment, Supplies and Parts for the Car Wash & Truck Wash Industries, including self-serve, automatic and touchfree car washes, mobile washing, high pressure cleaning & carpet cleaning, piston & plunger pumps, booster pumps, jet pumps, pressure tanks, circulator pumps, pressure washers, RO Systems, level controls, swivels, spray guns & wands, nozzles, hose, unloader valves and more.

Agricultural, Fertilizer and Agchemical Equipment & Supplies

Agricultural & Fertilizer (Anhydrous Ammonia NH3) Equipment, Systems, Supplies & Parts including sprayers, sprayer controls, transfer pumps, sprayer pumps, nozzles, valves, couplers, manifolds, hose, pumps, compressors, knives, shanks, decals, regulators, brass fittings, gauges, strainers, swivels, safety protection, locks and more.

Industrial Liquid Handling Equipment & Supplies

Industrial Liquid Handling and Spraying Equipment, Supplies, Systems and Parts including transfer pumps, sprayer pumps, sump pumps, fuel pumps, LPG equipment, valves, actuators, tanks, meters, hose, tubing, hose reels, pipe fittings, camlock couplers, strainers, nozzles, sprayer controls, spray guns, gauges, skid sprayers, trailer sprayers, spot sprayers, backpack & handheld sprayers, booms and more

Liquid Deicing and Anti–Icing Equipment & Supplies

Liquid Deice/Anti–Ice, Right-of-Way, Dust & Weed Control Spraying Systems, Equipment, Supplies & Parts including salt brine production systems, deice sprayers, pre–wet systems, spray booms, sprayer controls and more.

Fuel / Petroleum Equipment & Supplies

Fuel and Lubrication Equipment, Supplies and Parts including fuel tanks, valves, nozzles, filters, strainers, hose, vents, grease guns, fuel pumps, oil pumps, grease pumps, meters, couplings and adaptors, drum racks, hydraulic hose and more.

Lawn / Turf Care Equipment & Supplies

Lawn and Turf Care Equipment, Supplies and Parts including sprayers, spreaders, spray guns, spray nozzles, tanks, spray controls, 12 volt valves, spray booms, couplers, pumps and pump units, hose, tubing, hose reels, fittings, meters, strainers, valves and actuators, pipe and pipe fittings and more.

Carpet / Jansan Equipment & Supplies

Carpet / Jansan Equipment, Supplies and Parts for Carpet Cleaning, Janitorial, restoration, floor & tile; including Sprayers, chemical dispensing systems, safety wear, vacuums, extractors, steams cleaners, hose & tubing, hose reels, fittings, valves, pumps, pressure gauges, tanks nozzles, spray guns and more.

  • Dultmeier Sales: Experts in Delivering Fluid Handling Solutions...We Know Flow!
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Dultmeier Sales - Experts in Delivering Fluid Handling Solutions...We Know Flow!