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    Ag Chemical Loading Systems

    Mixmate Chemical Mixers & Inductors

    Praxidyn's Mixmate chemical mixing systems from Dultmeier Sales boast ease of use and extremely fast loading, taking about 4-5 minutes to load four to seven chemicals.

    The Mixmate Chemical Mixing System streamlines mixing for a variety of chemicals. It does this through the heavy use of automation, removing as much operator input as possible to ensure consistently fast and accurate chemical mixing. The Mixmate includes several different systems, including the Fusion Inductor, Pro Inductor and the Mixmate Flow Single and Stack. Mixmate's automation is powered by the Intersect cloud service and utilized through an Android app. For more information on the Mixmate, view our manufacturer page.

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    Picture of MixMate Double Stack Configurable Chemical Mixing System

    MixMate Double Stack Configurable Chemical Mixing System

    Flow Stack 3 Product - Rinse with Gear Meter. Must Be Attached to a Flow Stack Stand or Fusion Inductor
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